Teen Room Book Display

Whoa, the blog hasn't been updated in so long! Don't fear, though, it will now be updated a couple times a week from here on out.

So to start with, it's that time of the month again: a new book display!

Have you ever scoured through the library shelves looking for a perfect book? 

Maybe you look at the spine label and see a title you might like, pull out the book, and then see a totally crappy cover so you put it back on the shelf. Well, next time, don't do that!

There are many great books that you are missing out on that have such old and boring looking covers. There is a desk in the teen room filled with books like this...

...and they might actually be a good read! So stop by the library and check out one of these books.

If you read on of them and you fill out a book review form, you will get a free 30 minutes computer session! 

Also, if the book turns out badly, let us know!

Fan Art

Anime Club Fan Art Winner:

Come to Anime Club this Friday for  a Cosplay Party
{Click on the link to learn what cosplay is.}

Who? Grades 6-12
What? Cosplay party!
When? Friday, January 28, 2011 from 3-5pm
Where? East Flagstaff Community Library
Why? To get dressed up, have fun, eat food and watch ANIME!

Happy New Year!

The East Flag Library took a little break from activities over winter break. 

We are resuming all events this week though! 

Yesterday we had Movie Wednesday{meaning next week is GAME DAY!!}, today we will have Crafty Youth from 3:30-4:30, and tomorrow we have Anime Club from 3-4:30!

Also, there is also a new book display in the teen room!

If you read one of the books, fill out a book review form at the front desk and get a free 30 minute computer session!

Fan Art!

Anime Club Fan Art Winner:
Come to Anime Club this Friday from 3-4:30 and submit your own fan art for a chance to win a prize! We will watch anime, eat snacks and hangout! Grades 6-12.

Anime Club Cosplay Party!

This cosplay party we had 2 special guests: Heather, the previous person in charge of Anime Club, and a Japanese Librarian, Motoko Hori, who received the Horner Scholarship for an exchange program!

Heather and Motoko:




Teen Book Review

Chronical of a Death Fortold
by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
review by Kevin Y.

The narrator (name not mentioned) goes back to his old homeown to learn about a murder that happened 20 years later. He interviews people from the town slowly figuring our what happened the night Santiago Nasar was murdered.

He finds out that a lot of people know Santiago was going to be killed, but no one told him. The 2 people who killed him were Pedro and Pablo Vicerio, the twin brothers of Angela Vicerio. The reason they killed him was because Angela says that Santiago had taken her virginity.
But in the end she told a lie and Santiago was found to be killed for nothing. The story takes place somewhere by the Caribbean Sea. The characters seem to be Arab and it sounds like the story took place in the past.

Have a Dream

This is a poem that a lovely library teenager, Thora V., wrote.

Have a Dream
Stand up and say
I have a dream,
Throw off this
blanket of oppression
and scream.

So what if you're
different? Don't blaspheme
Black or white whatever your theme,
stand up and say,
I have a dream.

Your ancestors were slaves 
and started to scheme.
The ones in the south
went to the extreme.
They took away our
self esteem, and
told us, "You cannot
have a dream."

It doesn't matter if 
you're black or white,
You are unique let
your difference steem.
Stand up and say, 
"I have a dream."